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An under-the-radar home business, this highly professional vocation offers one of the most attractive methods of compensation found in affordable home business opportunities.

Certainly one of the most unknown and under-the-radar home business enterprises, the business of freelancing as a consultant in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry almost stands alone as a career opportunity when gauged against almost all others. This is a career path that not only offers prestige and respectability, but exceptionally high income when measured against almost all other home-based enterprises.  Complete broker training and support programs are available through the IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.  (Learn More)

View Current FB-Series Factoring Broker Website Templates

Click on any image below to display the complete freelance factoring broker / consultant website.  To purchase and set up your hosting account at DataMax, Write down the code of your selection and then click the button below any image.

View Current SA-Series Factoring Broker Landing Pages

These special landing pages contain a landing page, contact page, and confirmation page as well as a WordPress blog.  They are specifically for the Factor’s Agent Program at Campus IACFB.  They include fundamental factoring training at Campus IACFB and require a sponsor (Member Factor) and also require IACFB Membership.  If you have already secured your sponsoring factor, click on any image below to display the complete website.  When you have selected a Landing Page Template, write down the code and select the button below to set up your IACFB Membership.